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Acts 2: 1-47.

Rather than staying on earth and creating a system where humans all go to Him, Jesus ascended into heaven allowing the Holy Spirit to come to all of us. Through this system, we all have the blessing of housing the Holy Spirit and doing the work of Jesus ourselves. Our salvation was never meant to end with us, but to extend to those around us and show them the Kingdom. Today we read about the giving of the Holy Spirit and the start of the Church as we
know it today.

  • Pray for God to give you wisdom through His Holy Spirit today.

  • Read Acts 2: 1-47.

    • Who was present & where were they (v. 1, 5-6)?

    • What did they see and hear (v. 2-6)?

    •  Describe the reactions of those around (v. 7-13).

    • In reading Peter’s message to them, what new or interesting things stand out to you?

    • What do you learn from verse 41? Why do you think God chose to record that?

    • List all the things the believers did in community (v. 42-47).

    • Which of these do you participate in regularly?

    • Which do you need to add to your life?

  • Praise God for His salvation, His plan, His Holy Spirit, and the gift of the Christian community. Ask Him to show you where to step out to serve, give, and grow.

Anchor 1


Acts 5: 17-42.

With the Holy Spirit in them, the disciples went out to share the news and message of Christ. It wasn’t always popular, but they still obeyed God.

  • Pray to love and serve the Lord with the perseverance of these early believers.

  • Read Acts 5: 17-42.

    • Why did the religious people go against the apostles preaching the gospel (v. 17)?

    • How did God handle the apostles' imprisonment (v. 19)? What specific instructions did He give them (v. 19-20)?

    • Explain why Peter and the apostles were going against their orders (v. 29-32).

    • How does your life resemble that of Peter and the apostles in this way?

    • What do you think about the way Peter sums up the story of Jesus?

    • How do verses 33 through 40 affect your thinking about the validity and truth of Jesus and scripture?

    • Could verses 41-42 be used to describe you? Why or why not?

    •  What will you do or change because of today’s reading?

  • Pray for God to show you where your heart is faint and to give you a heart on fire to bE willing to suffer, serve, preach, and teach in His name.

Day 2


Jesus died not just for special people, but for all who would believe. Today, we again see that those who believe in Christ and have been saved are sharing the message of Christ with others, even those whom some of the religious leaders of the day might have deemed “unworthy.”

  • Pray for God to show you how this passage should impact your daily living.

  • Read Acts 10:34-48.

    • What do you learn about God and His plan?

    • What do you learn about Jesus?

    • What do you learn about humans?

    • What action should you take as a result of this?

  • Pray, asking God to reveal who you should be sharing His truth with, or whom you need to see as part of His creation instead of as “unworthy.”

Acts 10:34-48.


Genesis 12:2-3, 15:1-6, 17:1-6, 17:15-17 and Acts 3:24-26

We started our reading plan by looking at the Old and New Testaments together. Before we finish, let’s do that one more time to remember they aren’t separate books or different plans, but one continuous plan from the very beginning by a trustworthy, promise-keeping God who does what He says He will.

  • Pray for God to open your heart and eyes to His truth.

  • Read Genesis 12:2-3, 15:1-6, 17:1-6, 17:15-17 and Acts 3:24-26.

    • What did God promise Abraham again and again?

    • Why was that promise difficult to believe?

    • How was that promise fulfilled?

    • What promises has God fulfilled in your life?

    • Whom do you need to share that good news with! 

  • Praise God who is a promise keeper even when the promises seem impossible! Praise Him that we are the blessed children of His long-ago promise to Abraham.

Day 3
Day 4
Sand Dunes


Acts 6:7, 9:31, 12:24, 16:5 and 19:20.

Today ends our reading plan, but do NOT let it end your Bible reading. Pick any book of the Bible and read a chapter every day. As you read, ask yourself what the passage teaches about Jesus or God and His plan, what it teaches about humans, and what you should do as a result. Always pray, asking for wisdom as you read. The Bible is alive and active! The Holy Spirit in you will help you interpret and grow through reading God’s word. Don’t stop!! We read God’s Word to grow closer to Him by learning more about who He is. And as we learn, we see that God’s plan is never for His Word to end with us, but to be spread through us.

  • Pray for wisdom.

  • Read Acts 6:7, 9:31, 12:24, 16:5 and 19:20.

    • What things do these verses have in common?

    • What do you learn from that?

    •  Are you spreading God’s word to others in your life?

  • Pray, asking God to continue to draw you to Him through His Word and to use you wherever He chooses.

  • Amen – may you be greatly blessed as you continue in His holy and perfect Word!

Day 5

Pick up where you left off in our next Bible Reading Plan. 

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