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Giving at Reach Church is first-and-foremost all about actively living out our faith as an attitude and act of worship. Beyond this, giving at Reach Church is a way for individuals to be a part of a church committed to making an impact through Christ in our community and beyond.

We meet annually (first of each year) for our Annual Summit where we look at what God is doing at Reach, celebrate where we've been, and share the vision of where we're headed, which always include a look at the church's finances.

Our annual budget and year-to-date giving is available for anyone interested. 



At the main door in our Worship Center, as well as in our lobby, you will find a black box marked, "GIVING". These are receptacles where you can give through convenience and with confidence. Many people who give this way choose to give through checks. If this works best for you, you can make the check out to Reach Church. Still others prefer to give cash. These boxes are a great place to give this way as well. 

Home Desk


We are a church full of young, busy families. Knowing how easy it is to get busy, we have an option for you to set up automated giving using the feature above.

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