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Reach Church is committed to reaching further in our faith and farther into our community.


As a church that's very existence is to be a community where people encounter Jesus, and their lives are changed forever - this piece of our identity informs our love and commitment to reach our communities for Jesus in a tangible way.


One of our annual events is Pack The Park, an opportunity to supply school-aged children (K-12) with backpacks filled with all the school supplies they need to start the year.

In addition to giving away backpacks, we host a community wide outdoor carnival including free food, games & activities, entertainment, and so much more.

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Each fall through our Fall Clean-up, our church works with the community including individual homes, schools, small businesses, and city parks, to assist with various projects.


From raking leaves to hauling away trash, fixing and finishing various projects, we actively come together to meet the needs of our community.


Every winter our church raises awareness and resources to help meet very real, tangible needs of people all over our community and beyond.

In 2021 alone, we were able to raise $40,000 and used every dollar given to support and aid a total of 312 families and individuals in need.

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Go Grill is a part of the Outreach Ministry of Reach Church.


It is a grill that can be towed anywhere. It has 2-6' gas grills, a 3' griddle, a gas burner, prep areas & serving lines. And it's completely free to use for anyone, individual or group. The only caveat is that nothing served from the Go Grill can be charged to anyone - it must be free of charge, given as a gift.

To reserve or for more information, click the button below.

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