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Luke 24:1-12

Praise God that Jesus did not remain in a tomb! That is a unique feature of Christianity. You can visit the remains of Buddha, Muhammad, Confucius, and L. Ron Hubbard. But you can’t visit the remains of Jesus. He is not dead. The God we follow is alive! Death had no hold over a sin-free Jesus. He paid the debt of sin for anyone and everyone who would accept it.

Additionally, almost every other religion recognizes Jesus, but Jesus recognizes none of them.

He says He alone is the way, the truth, and the life.

  • Pray for the truth of Jesus’ resurrection to fill your heart with joy and hope.

  • Read Luke 24:1-12

    • What was missing from Jesus’ tomb?

    • What did the two angels say about Jesus?

    • List the different responses people had to the news of Jesus being risen from the dead.

    • How does this compare to the responses you see today?

    • What is your response?

  • Pray for God to change your life today with the truth of a Savior who is alive and the only way to salvation and eternal life. Thank God for the final, perfect sacrifice. And, ask Him who you should share this news with.

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Luke 24:13-34

The good news is not only that the tomb is empty, but also that Jesus is alive and present.

  • Pray for God to reveal where Jesus is present in your life.

  • Read Luke 24:13-34

    • What day is this?

    • How did the men describe Jesus (v. 19-24)?

    • Why was their hope expressed in the past tense? Were they correct in using the past tense?

    • Describe Jesus’ response to them.

    • What is the role of scripture in your life? How strong is your belief in God’s Word?

  • Pray, asking God to give you a desire to search and know the scriptures.

Day 2


Yesterday’s reading emphasized not only the resurrection and presence of Jesus but also the importance and truth of scripture. Today we see more affirmation of both.

  • Pray for God to open your mind to better understand His holy word.

  • Read Luke 24:35-49 and John 20:19-29.

    • Why do you think Jesus had them touch his body and watch Him eat?

    • What did Jesus specifically do to help the disciples understand scripture (v. 45)?

    • How does that relate to praying before and during your Bible reading time?

    • What was Thomas’ reaction to Jesus’ resurrection (John 20:28)? Is that you reaction?

    • What is the significance to you of Luke 24:47 and John 20:21?

    • How are you a witness (Luke 24:48, John 20:21-22)?

  • Pray for courage and wisdom in witnessing to those around you.

Read Luke 24:35-49 and John 20:19-29


Luke 24:50-53 and Acts 1:1-11

Today we see the resurrected Christ leave the earth in His physical body and ascend into heaven where He is still seated today at the right hand of God.

  • Pray for God to settle your heart and give you wisdom.

  • Read Luke 24:50-53 and Acts 1:1-11 (Luke wrote both these books).

    • What did Jesus do between the His resurrection and ascension (Acts 1:1-8)?

    • Do you think His teaching during this time had a different impact from His previous teaching? Why or why not?

    • What does Jesus say about the Holy Spirit in these passages?

    • Where is Jesus now (see also Mark 16:19 and 1 Peter 3:22)?

    • Why do you think Jesus’ last act before He ascended into heaven was to bless the people? What was their reaction?

    • Based on these passages, in what way can we expect Jesus to return (see also Revelation 1:7)?

  • Pray to be expectant for the return of Jesus and to know how to serve Him in the meantime.

Day 3
Day 4
Sand Dunes


Matthew 28:18-20

Jesus left a very specific command to His followers before He ascended. Today we look at that directive and consider if we are obeying it.

  • Pray for God to show you where your heart for others needs to be changed.

  • Read Matthew 28:18-20

    • What has Jesus been given?

    • What do you think that means?

    • What specific things does Jesus command His followers to do?

    • How would you evaluate your obedience of those commands?

    • When is Jesus with you? How does that affect your ability obey His commands?

  • Pray for God to give you the courage and wisdom in obeying these specific commands and show you opportunities.

Day 5



Last week, we saw the despair of Jesus’ attack, suffering, and death. This week, we see that Jesus overcame death and wants us to share that news with others and teach them what we have learned about Him. That’s a lot!

  • Review the scriptures you’ve read this week.

  • Consider the ways you serve and obey God. Are they lacking, or are you doing all you can?

  • Consider your relationship with Jesus. Do you know of Him, or do you know Him?

  • Pray: talk to God, celebrate what He is doing in your life, and ask Him for help where you need it.

Desert Landscape
Desert Landscape


Attend church services

Day 7
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