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Read Zechariah 9:9 and Luke 19:28-44

The first week we saw sin enter the world and the effects of that sin. In week two, we examined the ways God showed and told of His plan to redeem and remove sin through a perfect lamb. Last week we saw the power of Jesus over death and heard him predict his own death. This week, we look at his last week on earth, starting with the account of what is called Jesus’ Triumphant Entry on Palm Sunday (the name given to the Sunday prior to Easter).

  • Pray for God to show you the reality of Jesus’ life, death, and suffering, and  for it to be significant and relevant to you.

  • Read Zechariah 9:9 and Luke 19:28-44

    • Based on previous weeks, why do you think Zechariah 9:9 was included in this?

    • Summarize what Jesus did in your own words.

    • Why did Jesus weep (v. 41)? Can you think of another time Jesus wept? What do you learn about Jesus from this?

    • What were the reactions of the crowds? The followers? The pharisees?

    • Why do you think each reacted that way?

    • How do vs 37-38 compare to your reaction to Jesus?

  • Praise God once again for His perfect plan. Pray for a heart that praises Him and looks for His work in your life.

Anchor 1


Luke 19:41-48 with Isaiah 56:7 and Jeremiah 7:9-11

Today we continue to walk with Jesus during His last week.

  • Pray for God to give you insight and wisdom as you read.

  • Read Luke 19:41-48 with Isaiah 56:7 and Jeremiah 7:9-11

    • What are the consequences for us today if we do not recognize God?

    • Describe the reaction of the people as Jesus taught truth in the Temple.

    • What were the inappropriate activities taking place in the temple in these passages? What was supposed to be taking place there?

    • According to 1 Corinthians 3:16, your body, as a believer in Christ, is a temple of the Holy Spirit today. What activities are taking place in/with it? Are you a “house of prayer?”

  • Pray for God to give you a desire to be holy – to be set apart for Him – and to love what He loves and hate what He hates.

Day 2


Today we once again see Jesus predict His death, which is now only two days away. And we see Satan exploit a spirit of disagreement and discontentment in one of the disciples to bring about a sinful betrayal.

  • Pray for Godly contentment and unity for yourself and those in the church.

  •  Read Matthew 26:1-16, Luke 22:1-6

    • There are many things that happened in the last week of Jesus’ life that we don’t know. Why do you think God chose to have these events recorded?

    •  Judas had walked side-by-side with Jesus daily for at least a couple of years. He was sent out with the other apostles to cast out demons and heal. Yet, we see him betray Jesus. What does that tell you about the difference between knowing Jesus and surrendering to Jesus? Which category do you fit into?

    • Read Matthew 27-1-10, jumping ahead to after the betrayal has been completed. Does this change your thinking of Judas? Why or why not?

  • Pray for wisdom and to fully understand the sacrifice of Christ and what it means in your life.

Matthew 26:1-16, Luke 22:1-6


Luke 22: 7-71

Today we see what is known as “The Last Supper,” which is Jesus’ last celebration of the Passover on earth, and the events of that night, including his betrayal and arrest. Remember back to week one when God’s people slaughtered a lamb and put the blood on the doorframes of their home so the Angel of Death would pass over their home, saving them? In Jesus’s time, God’s people are still celebrating Passover each year in anticipation of the perfect lamb God would send as the final sacrifice: one perfect, sinless human to accept the death we all deserve for our sins. Remember that we have seen the transition from one death for one human’s sin (Adam/Even) to one death for a household’s sin (Passover in the exodus from Egypt) to one death for a community’s sin (in the tabernacle and temple). This is the final, complete sacrifice. One perfect, spotless lamb, Jesus, for all of humanity over all time. Jesus is the sacrifice and the scapegoat, removing our sins from us. Just like the Israelites had to believe God would do what He said He would in Egypt all those years before, today we still have to believe that the blood sacrifice of Jesus will save us from eternal death, that God will do what He says He will do.

  • Pray for understanding, faith, and belief

  • Read Luke 22:7-71

    • What stands out to you in verses 7-13?

    • Summarize Jesus’ message to his apostles in verses 14-20.

    • What lesson can you apply to your life from verses 21-30?

    • What do you learn about Jesus, God, and man in verses 31-46?

    • Why do you think Jesus healed the ear of his captor (v. 47-53)?

    • Think back to a time in your life when you could relate to Peter’s actions (v. 54-62).

    • How does the suffering of Jesus begin in verses 63-65?

  • Pray for a humble heart and wisdom to learn from these passages and understand this part of God’s plan.

Day 3
Day 4
Sand Dunes


Luke 22:66-71 and Matthew 27:11-56

We have seen Jesus betrayed and captured, as well as the beginning of His suffering. It’s now the break of dawn for a very long day following a very long night.

  • Attend Reach's Good Friday services at 6pm.

  • Pray for a surrendered, open heart and mind to see what God has for you today.

  •  Read Luke 22:66-71 and Matthew 27:11-56

    • In the Luke account and Matthew 27:11-26, who judged and accused Jesus?

    • What did they accuse Him of?

    • What did  the different people who judged Him determine?

    •  What was His response?

    • What do you learn about both Jesus and humans from the crucifixion account in Matthew 27:27-44?

    • What were the immediate effects of Jesus’ death?

    • How was the body of Jesus handled after His death (27:57-66)?

  • Bow yourself before God, humbly accepting that this all happened to Jesus for you. Talk to God about what that means in your life. Ask Him to make it real to you and affect the way you live. 

Day 5



Desert Landscape
  • Pray for your heart to be broken by the pain of Jesus’ death.

  • Read Luke 23:44-56

    • Why did the crowd react differently than Jesus’ friends to his death (v. 48-49)?

    • What was done with Jesus’ body after his death?

    • What did women do?

  • Pray and spend time in quiet reflection.

  • Invite someone to attend church with you or share the online link

Desert Landscape


Attend church to worship the God who gave everything, through pain and suffering, for you

Day 7
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