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The Book of Acts

SERIES: The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts - Week 1.jpeg

Week 1: "Who We Are"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 1:1-11

Bigger Than Your Box.jpeg

Week 4: "Bigger Than Your Box"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 2:5-24

What Does Your Worship Look Like.jpeg

Week 7: "What Does Your Worship..."

Andrew Anderson

Acts 3:1-11

Is It Obvious.jpeg

Week 10: "Is It Obvious?"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 4:13-22

The Book of Acts - Week 2.jpeg

Week 2: "Choices"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 1:12-26

This Jesus.jpeg

Week 5: "This Jesus..."

Russ Couwenhoven

Acts 2:21-41

The Gospel Effect.jpeg

Week 8: "The Gospel Effect"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 3:12-26


EASTER 2022: "Done!"

Andrew Anderson

Philippians 3:1-11

Within Reach.jpeg

Week 12: "Within Reach"

Mark Ashton

Acts 5:12-32

Acts 5-33.jpeg

Week 13: "Rejoice In Relationship"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 5:33-42


Week 15: "Change Matters!"

Dr. Richard Palmer

Acts 6:8-7:60


Week 16: "Urgency"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 8:1-8

Acts - Week 3.jpeg

Week 3: "Spirit-filled"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 2:1-4

I Need You.jpeg

Week 6: "I Need You!"

Russell Siemer

Acts 2:42-47

Obstacles and Opportunities.jpeg

Week 9: "Obstacles & Opportunities"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 4:1-12


Week 11: "Filled"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 4:23-5:11

Chose To Servce.jpeg

Week 14: "Chosen To Serve"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 6:1-7

Motivation Matters.jpeg

Week 17: "Motivation Matters"

Russell Siemer

Acts 8:9-25

Jed Mullenix.jpeg

Week 18: "Ethiopian Eunuch"

Jed Mullenix

Acts 8:26-40

Simple Obedience sermon.jpeg

Week 19: "Simple Obedience"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 9:1-22


Week 20: "From Persecutor to Partner"

Ikki Soma

Acts 9:23-31

Andrew - Acts 9 - Legacy.jpeg

Week 21: "Legacy"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 9:32-43

David Hill.jpeg

Week 24: "A Name Matters"

David Hill

Acts 11:19-30

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 8.03.20 AM.png

Week 22: "Truth or Tradition"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 10

Brad Klassen.jpeg

Week 23: "Take Notice & Take Interest"

Brad Klassen

Acts 11:1-18


Week 25: "The Power of A Testimony"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 12:1-17


Week 26: "Focus"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 12:18-25


Week 27: "Full-circle Faith"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 13:1-12


Week 30: "More Than Rivals"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 13:43-52


Week 28: "What Would You Do?"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 13:13-23


Week 31: "The Purpose of Persecution"

Russell Siemer

Acts 14:1-20


Week 29: "Important Conversations"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 13:24-42


Week 32: "We Just Need To Obey"

Jennifer Brown

Acts 14:21-28


Week 33: "More Than A Mark"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 15:1-21


Week 36: "Discerning The Will of God"

Dr. Jay Forseth

Acts 16:6-15


Week 34: "Grace Is Enough"

Kevin Barnhill

Acts 15:22-41


Week 37: "Life's Not Fair"

Russell Siemer

Acts 16:16-24


Week 35: "Critical Characteristics"

Andrew Anderson

Acts 16:1-5

SERIES: Around The Table (December '22)

Around The Table

Week 1: "Who's at Your Table?"

Andrew Anderson


Week 2: "What's Your Worship Worth?"

Andrew Anderson


Week 3: "What's Distracting You?"

Andrew Anderson

Stand Alone: Christmas Eve Special

Andrew Anderson

Kicking Up Sand

SERIES: Kicking Up Sand (July '22)

Planting On Purpose.jpeg

Week 1: "Planting on Purpose"

Andrew Anderson

Matthew 13:1-9, 18-32


Week 2: "The Cost of Restoration"

Russell Siemer

John 21:1-17

Steve Wamberg.jpeg

Week 3: "Wheat and Weeds"

Steve Wamberg

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Jennifer - Kicking up sand.jpeg

Week 4: "Plant. Grow. Go!"

Jennifer Brown

Matthew 13:31-33

Andrew - Kicking up sand - conclusion.jpeg

Week 5: "Legacy"

Andrew Anderson

Mark 1:16-20


SERIES: Common-Unity (January '22)

Common Unity - Week 1.jpeg

Week 1: "We Exist..."

Andrew Anderson

Common-unity - GATHER.jpeg

Week 2: "GATHER"

Andrew Anderson

Common-Unity - GROW.jpeg

Week 3: "GROW"

Andrew Anderson

Common-Unity - GIVE.jpeg

Week 4: "GIVE"

Andrew Anderson


Week 5: "GO"

Andrew Anderson

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