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Mark 5:21-43

In our first two weeks, we saw a glimpse of God’s plan of redemption unfolding through a system of sacrifice and prophecy that foretold Jesus’s sacrifice for sin on the cross. This week we pick up 700 years later, skipping to the later days of Jesus’ ministry on earth.

  • Pray to see the power of Jesus today

  • Read Mark 5:21-43

    •  What do you learn about Jesus in these verses?

    • What do you learn about faith?

    • Where do you need Jesus to heal you? Have you asked Him?

  • Praise the God who heals and gives life. Ask Him to bring new life and healing into your life where you need it.

Anchor 1


Luke 7: 11-17

  • Pray for God to reveal His truth

  •  Read Luke 7:11-17

    •  What did Jesus do in this passage?

    •  Why did He take that action?

    •  Where do you need the compassion of Jesus in your life?

    • Whom do you need to have compassion on?

  • Pray for God’s compassion in your life for yourself and others.

Day 2


  • Pray for God to reveal His truth to your heart and mind today.

  • Read John 11:1-44

    • What are the details of this event?

    • What questions do you have after reading this?

    • From the passages this week, what can you conclude about Jesus’s power over death?

    • What is the role of faith/belief?

    • Remember that death is the result of sin. Not only did Jesus have power over death, but what else do you learn about Him from 1 Peter 3:13?

  • Praise and thank God for the power and sacrifice of Jesus.

John 11:1- 44


John 11:45-54

We’ve seen this week that Jesus has power over death, even his own, which He could avoid since He was sinless. Yesterday we studied the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Today we see that not everyone was happy with Jesus healing and giving life.

  • Pray for God's word to be the healing power in your life.

  • Read John 11:45-54

    • What were the different reactions to the healing of Lazarus (v. 45, 47, 53)?

    •  How do you react to the healing power of Jesus? Why?

    • Why specifically did the leaders want to stop Jesus (v. 47-48)?

    • Reread verses 50-52. What is the significance of Caiaphas’ words?

  • Pray for your reaction to the power of Jesus and ask God who in your life needs to know this power so that they might believe.

Day 3
Day 4
Sand Dunes


Matthew 12:39-40, 16:21, and 17:22-23

The plots against Jesus were no surprise to Him, and, if His followers had been listening, it shouldn’t have been a surprise to them either.

  • Pray for God to show you the significance of these passages.

  • Read Matthew 12:39-40, 16:21, and 17:22-23

    • What is the common theme of these passages?

    • What is the significance of the number three?

    • In 17:23, what is the reaction of the disciples to Jesus’ prediction?

    • How does that compare to your reaction to Jesus’ death?

  • Pray for God to show you the truth of walking in the light and for His Holy Spirit to guide you.

Day 5


Read John 12:20-36

Pray, giving praise to God for His plan, sacrifice, and living word.

  • Read John 12:2-36 

    • How do Jesus’ words and the imagery in verses 24-26 relate to your understanding of salvation and being a follower of Christ?

    •  Who do you think the voice in verses 28 and 30 belonged to?

    • How would you answer the crowd's questions and concerns in verse 34?

  • Praise God for your salvation and continue to pray about who you need to share this life-giving truth with.

Desert Landscape
Desert Landscape



  • Attend church services

  • Share with someone the power and truth you are seeing in the Bible

Day 7
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